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Help us help them. 

We are making a huge improvement at our shelter that we want to let you know about! We are installing portals in our cat’s kennels in order to double the size. These portals will be able to open and close to utilize each side individually or both sides at once. With these units, a litter box can go on one side and the cat’s food and water can go on the other. The cats here will have more space and more enrichment, we will more easily house mothers and kittens, and we will ultimately have happier, healthier cats, reducing the risk of Upper Respiratory Infections that are so common in shelters. We are also able to easily close the portals when we have larger populations of cats. This will be amazing for our kitties here! The pictures below are not ours, but will give you an idea of what ours will look like when we install them.

How can you help? Follow the link posted to purchase portals for our shelter.   

We are also asking for monetary donations from anybody able to help.  To donate please come into the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter in person or click here to donate