November 9, 2021



The South Utah Valley Animal Shelter would like to announce the upcoming changes:


Over the past year the Board of Directors of the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter have reviewed studies regarding the humane euthanasia of animals. With the assistance of shelter management, a decision was reached at a recent board meeting to update shelter policy, transitioning from the use of carbon monoxide to lethal injection. 

            This policy change will be implemented as new equipment and training are needed before a full transition is possible. The safety of our staff is of the utmost importance when these decisions are being made. A full transition will take place on or before November 2022.

            As member cities of the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter, we remain committed to the humane treatment of animals and the dedication to re-unite lost animals with their owners.






Kierstan Munford

Executive Director

SUVASSD, Board of Directors