Please understand that placing your pet in a shelter will be stressful and difficult for them and should be the last resort when rehoming after other avenues have been exhausted. SUVAS reserves the right to deny any owner surrenders for various reasons. All approved owner releases will be by appointment only. (NO SAME DAY OWNER RELEASES)

Alternatives to surrendering:
1. Network your pet to family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Post them on your social media and ask friends to help by sharing.
2. Rehoming Facebook groups near you.
3. Post your pet on Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet at https://rehome.adoptapet.com/ 
4. Rehome through Home-to-Home https://home-home.org/
5. Rehome through Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering https://www.ruffhaven.org/rehome-your-pet


If you are wanting to keep your pet and need help, the Humane Society of Utah has resources available to the public through their Pet Retention Program and Behavior and Training program. You can view their resources at utahhumane.org


If your pet came from a shelter or rescue other than SUVAS, please contact them first.


A fee is required when you relinquish your pet to help offset the cost of the rehoming process.

An application will need to be filled out and approved before an appointment will be made to surrender an animal at SUVAS.